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Song Number 2 - My Life
Mar 1, 10 10:02 PM
Song Number 1 - Forever
Mar 1, 10 9:58 PM
Our Clan Song?!?!?!?
Mar 1, 10 9:55 PM
Service Updates
HEY HEY Everyone this is our new clan "The Ninja Mafia" we are an xbox live clan. we play games together such as MW2,Bioshock 2,halo 3,halo ODST,Left 4 dead,Left 4 dead 2,Borderlands and others. currently we are focusing on building our Modern Warfare 2 team! Plz Apply for a position! just explain what you want to do and we will put you somewhere good for you. Im am currently a ground war and free for all branch leader. Aceh00d1010 (Our Co-Leader) is the knifing branch leader. if you join please note that you should be very expierienced or you will be KICKED from our clan. Also Please Note To Have Atleast One of the Following Games before Appling to join the clan.

Bioshock 2

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2    

Thank you For Reading :)

xx Duh Ham xx

Song Number 2 - My Life

THEninjaMAFIA, Mar 1, 10 10:02 PM.

Song Number 1 - Forever

THEninjaMAFIA, Mar 1, 10 9:58 PM.

Our Clan Song?!?!?!?

THEninjaMAFIA, Mar 1, 10 9:55 PM.
Currently We are thinking of a song we could use as our clan song i will post the 3 good songs near this please have a good look at them and when we have enough members we can vote! :)
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